To ensure and enhance agricultural economic development and activity through communication, education and promotion to consumers, Agribusinesses and public entities.

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Create Public Awareness:
•   Jobs supported by Union county, Ohio, and American agriculture
•   Environmental stewardship supported by agriculture
•   Committed to safe, quality, wholesome products
•   Create awareness of public officials to understand of the special needs of agricultural i.e. equipment transportation, dust, odor,
•   On value of Agribusiness to the community
•   As to sources for factual information.

Agri-Voice for the promotion and protection of Union Co. Agricultural Development:
•   Promote the rich rural heritage and agri-economic development
•   Partner with industry allies to and supportive organizations.
•   Rural representation on Union county chamber legislative committees
•   Encourage opportunities that promote responsible agriculture development.
•   Protect agriculture from mis-information from organizations or government policies that restrict or preclude responsible growth of agriculture.
•   Provide a Union county voice for state and national professional agriculture issues.
•   Protection of agriculture from Agricultural terrorist groups.

•   Promote services available
•   Farm products and services to consumers
•   Promote professional modern farming methods that lower the carbon footprint.
•   Identify opportunities for Agri-Economic Development
•   Encourage local event promotions.

Educate Agribusiness on:
•   Programs available from Chamber of Commerce
•   Employment laws and code changes
•   Update on current tax laws
•   Value added programs
•   Farm Programs and Government development programs
•   Human resources programs and laws
•   Laws affecting Agri-business
•   Services available to local farm businesses.

Agriculture Award

The Purpose of the Union County Agriculture Award is to recognize and honor outstanding contributions to agriculture by individuals and businesses located in Union County.

Annual award recipients will be selected based upon excellence in production agriculture, service, land stewardship and leadership. Those instrumental to the success and excellence of agriculture, either as a farmer or in an agriculturally related field may be considered. We desire to honor and give public recognition to those who have brought distinction to themselves, have made outstanding contributions to their professions, and whose community involvement has served as a stimulus to others.

Download Agriculture Award Nomination Form

Agriculture Directory

Click HERE to download the 2013 Agricultural Directory (PDF)

Farmland Preservation

Currently, Union County is home to thirteen Century Farms:

•   Daniel Bouic Family Farm, 1835
•   Gruenbaum Trust, 1865
•   Norman H. Renner, 1893
•   Roger Geer, 1837
•    Walter Morse, 1838
•   David Huber, 1839
•   Leona Blumenschein, 1839
•    Maxine Gray, 1854
•   Emma Jane Stillings, 1861
•   Thomas Rausch, 1864
•   Larry Nicol, 1891
•   Fred Nicol, 1893
•   Randy Rausch, 1902

If you are interested in applying to be a Century Farm, click here to download the application.


Agricultural Resources are provided by various organizations in Union County and the State of Ohio. For information on these resources, you may contact the Union County Office of The Ohio State University Cooperative Extension Program.

Union County OSU Extension Office & Agricultural Center
18000 SR 4, Suite E
Marysville, Ohio 43040
Phone #: (937) 644-8117
Fax #: (937) 644-3062

Union County Farm Bureau
18000 SR4, Room 196
Marysville, Ohio 43040
Phone #: (937) 642-4005
Fax #: (937) 642-4589

Begin Farming Ohio
Agricultural Resources

Ohio Department of Agriculture
8995 E. Main Street
Reynoldsburg, Oh 43068
Phone #: (614) 728-6200

United States Department of Agriculture


Committee Officers

President Wayne Dellinger, OSU Extension

Vice President Dean Cook, Dean Cook Nationwide Insurance

Treasurer Brian Ravencraft, Holbrook & Manter

Secretary Gail Keck