To provide a forum to network and study safety, health and wellness issues that affect the quality of life and productivity of employees of businesses and government agencies operating within Union County.

Guiding Principles

Information:   Through the power of knowledge…we can make a difference.
Cooperation:   As a team, we are much stronger.
Motivation:      To create the inspiration to make tomorrow better than today.


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Steering Committee Members

Brian Dostanko, President
Rachel Gwilliams, Secretary
Johanna Foucher
Jim Fuller
Robert McClintock
Craig Marker
Debbie Murphy
Cynthia VanderRoest
Dan Wade

Angie Venable, Safety Council Manager, Union County Chamber




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On behalf of Gov. John R. Kasich and myself, thank you for all you do to keep Ohio’s workforce safe and healthy. Working together, we can continue to prevent workplace injuries and return injured workers back to the job as safely and quickly as possible.

To further our efforts, we have some exciting developments to share with you. Below, you’ll find a hyperlink to a video outlining the details. While I believe the message will be relevant throughout the summer, its reference to the $1 billion in rebate checks currently being printed makes it more relevant in the next few weeks. So, I ask you to share this video with your members.

Here are just a few suggestions on how to do that.

·         Playing it at an upcoming meeting
·         Adding the link to your council’s website
·         Including the link in your electronic publications
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