Union County has five historic bridges all built in the late 1860s and 1870s. This is well above average for the state of Ohio. Four are still in use as a part of the county highway system and are currently well maintained by the Union County Engineer.

The historical covered bridges in Union County were designed and built by Reuben L. Partridge (1823-1900) and are based on a design he patented in 1872. The Union County covered bridges all have “windows” cut into the siding. These were added to increase visibility with the advent of automobile traffic. The “windows” have roofs or awnings which serve as protection from the elements.

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Bigelow Bridge

(Also known as the Axe Handle Bridge)

This historic bridge was built in 1873 and spans 114 feet of Little Darby Creek. The bridge was named in honor of Eliphas Bigelow, a nearby resident. In 1990 the bridge underwent an extensive renovation. Massive nail-laminated arches were seated into new concrete foundations. The arch system now carries the weight of traffic on this bridge. Be sure to examine the inside of this remarkable bridge!

The bridge was painted red in 2008.


Buck Run Road Bridge

This bridge replaces a steel Pratt bridge that was constructed in 1914. This new bridge, built in 2006, is a modified Pratt Truss and spans an impressive 160 feet in length.

This bridge is currently the longest single-span wooden bridge in Ohio. The new two-lane covered bridge was built to stand proudly for generations. From the bridge one can enjoy beautiful vistas of the Big Darby Creek!


Culbertson Bridge

(Also known as the Winget Road Bridge)

This 94’ bridge spans Treacle Creek and was built in 1868 by Reuben Partridge.

There are canopies on both sides of the bridge and scrolls located at each end. The bridge was originally located on State Route 4 and was moved prior to 1953. In 1961 the bridge underwent repairs and piers were added to give extra support. In 1977 a “run around” was constructed for farm equipment and other large, heavy vehicles. In 1987 the bridge was rehabilitated. Glue laminate girders were installed with glue laminated floor beams suspended from the girders.

North Lewisburg Road

In 2006, a new covered bridge was built over Big Darby Creek Scenic River. This new bridge is a modified Pratt Truss with sub-structures built out of the creek.

The bridge is 135 feet in length with two lanes to accommodate recent increases in traffic.



Streng Road Truss Bridge

This steel Pratt Truss bridge was built in 1914 and is presumed to have replaced a bridge that was likely destroyed in the flood of 1913. Union County received special recognition for the renovation of this bridge in 1993. All of the original ornamentation and decorative elements are still in place. The bridge spans 200’ over the Big Darby Creek and is officially listed as an Ohio Historic Bridge.

This is the only non-covered bridge in the nation to have received this recognition.

Thompson Road Bridge

Completed in 2010, this two-lane bridge spans 125 feet and is located in the southeastern part of the county near Ostrander. The bridge was replaced an outdated steel truss, single-lane bridge that was built in 1913.

Also known as the Mill Creek Bridge, this bridge was the newest addition to the collection of covered bridges in Union County.