Why Union County? The answer is simple: Union County offers something for everyone, as evidenced here. Our community can accommodate any company or individual and is an excellent and affordable location to live and conduct business. With strong emphasis on economic diversification and vitality, grassroots entrepreneurship, building an outstanding quality of life, and easy access to local and regional amenities and attractions, Union County has emerged as the center of growth and development in the Columbus Region.

Less than a half hour from downtown Columbus, Union County residents have easy access to an exciting and lively urban environment while living in the serenity of a rural, charming community.

Each of our communities are unique and receptive to your needs:

The City of Marysville

The City of Marysville serves as the county seat of Union County and is rich with small town charm, family values, and an unparalleled Midwestern work ethic. Marysville remains one of the fastest growing communities in the Columbus Region thanks to its vibrant economy, well-planned neighborhoods, strategic community visioning, and strong community pride.

The Village of Plain City

Plain City residents benefit from a vast array of cultural, recreational and entertainment amenities while living in a charming, rural community. A prosperous, thoughtfully planned community that prides itself on its rich heritage, natural beauty and local tourism assets, Plain City has witnessed tremendous growth and development while still maintaining its small town charm and appeal.

The Village of Richwood

Richwood is known as a charming, close-knit community and a center of agriculture and agribusiness in Union County. While tied intimately to agriculture and agribusiness, Richwood is also witnessing industrial development thanks to its strategic location and the recently-constructed Richwood Industrial Park.

The City of Dublin

Dublin is characterized by the amenities and high quality of life enjoyed by its residents. Through well-managed growth, Dublin has been able to preserve its rural heritage while ensuring its residents have ample opportunities for shopping, entertainment, and cultural activities. Despite witnessing substantial office, retail and residential growth, the community is respected and admired for its comprehensive planning, strategic visioning, environmental protection, and resource conservation.

If you want to take the next step toward locating your business in Union County, contact us. We will be more than happy to share additional reasons why Union County is your partner in success.